Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “You were pondering the fact that many of you fully surrender the directive of their spiritual life to those they perceive to be worthier ‘religious leaders and trustees’. Sadly, by doing so, they give up on their spiritual freedom, allowing for their born-free spirit to be held captive in a very confining antique cage whose bars are made of unyielding dogmas and obsolete belief systems.  They sit there complacently with clipped spiritual wings. 

“Sadly, such a show of unreserved trust often leads to a miscarriage of trust and it may take some time for them to recognize ‘at their fruits’ that the spiritual lineages they placed their faith in are not bringing forth the flawless fruits of the Spirit. Yet, the good news is that, no matter how much you may be fooled or fooling yourself at any given moment in your life’s journey, there is precious wisdom and personal enlightenment to be eventually extracted as you process these challenging episodes.  Truly, nothing occurs in vain, viewed from the greater objective of guiding you toward God-likeness.

“What are the attributes of the Creative Trinity?  Universality – Eternity – Infinity.  How then could such an immensity fit in the tiny cage you selected as your current spiritual abode?  Indeed, Truth is universal, your destiny is eternal, and your spirit is boundless. Therefore, it is meant to soar as a vibrant winged creature to ever-higher heights of understanding, as well as to experience the thrill of freedom—spiritual bliss. 

“Dear ones, set your spirit free and get in touch with your Inner Guide—the only ‘Guru’ who is in the know of your very personal destiny.  Right within you dwells the most reliable Guidance there is.  Trust in His leadings and you will be on the fast track for self-mastery, as your Inner Master will show you the way—together with the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit that have also been indiscriminately bestowed on you—not just on a ‘spiritual elite’.  There is no monopoly on Truth.  There is no such entitlement.  In His all-encompassing justice and fairness, the Father does not favor anyone.”