Oregon, US of A
Sunday, July 7, 2019


“True liberty is the associate of genuine self-respect; false liberty is the consort of self-admiration.” [UB 54:1:6] 

Teacher Uteah: “The above concise statement is well worth investigating, as the exercise of personal liberties has been a source of significant dysfunction on your world. Here again, the Law of Cause and Effect acts as a great revelator.

“The fact that the Father has entrusted you with free-will privileges should lead you to ask yourself how He envisioned that you would put them to ‘good’ use. Indeed, all Divine Intentions are supportive of the all-inclusive highest good.

“How are you using your free-will, and how does it make you feel? Your emotional state after making a deliberate decision assigns it a rating. Was it conducive or detrimental to your self-respect? A sound decision will give you a sentiment of deep satisfaction while a faulty one negatively impacts your emotional welfare.

“Do not jeopardize your self-respect. Those whose decisions aim at self-gratification are at high risk of developing narcissistic propensities that render them ‘unreasonable.’ Indeed, false liberties drive many to lose their ‘sanity,’ as they require a level of self-justification that goes way beyond what is justifiable. 

“If the assertion of your liberties leads you to feel guilty and ashamed, those were false liberties. On the other hand, if it makes you feel better and more fulfilled, those are the sacred liberties that you are to pursue.

“It is never too late to defect from the rebellious side of unbridled liberties. Natural liberties do not clash with each other. They abide by the universal Divine Laws that wisely act as safeguards to ensure that only good befalls the self or others.”