Oregon, US of A
Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Were you to be caught by surprise in a violent storm, you would look for cover rather than intellectually exploring its workings.  In life-threatening situations, your top priority is to be resourceful in self-protecting.

“I am using this analogy to clarify that, whenever encountering emotionally-volatile situations, your priority should also be to protect yourself from their potential backlashes—the infliction of emotional injuries by someone whose inner world is rocked by a tsunami of out-of-control emotions.

“Once the storm has subsided, it is then advisable and wise to reflect and come up with effective preventive measures should similar warning signs profile themselves on your horizon.  It would be foolish not to draw a precious lesson from such unsettling turns of events.

“Right now, many cataclysms hit various parts of your planet in unpredictable ways, due to fluctuations in weather patterns.  Because they are ‘extra-ordinary,' no preventive measures have been put in place—YET.  It is now time to prepare for any reoccurrences by stocking sandbags, building dams, and planning emergency shelters.

“On the mental and emotional levels, it is, at times, excruciating to make sense of what is happening to others or yourself.  What is evident is that you are unprepared to cope with such emotional flash floods.  Sadly, they may cause some mild or severe psychological damage.  It is crucial to examine the chain of events to learn from it. 

“Because of the intricacy and complexity of the elements leading to such crises, go within and ask Me to provide you with the solicited enlightenment.  Do not forget that you are also connected with the Adjutant Mind Spirit of Understanding—one of Mother Spirit’s benevolent influences. 

“At first, you may be distraught, which is natural after living through a traumatizing event.  What matters is that you regroup and, rather than spiraling down into depression and hopelessness, that you view such a situation as another important stepping stone.  Indeed, “there can be no growth without psychic conflict and spiritual agitation.” [UB 1097:06]  The day will come when, after having diligently attended to your homework, you will experience the sublime feeling of Peace that Passes All Understanding—a telltale sign that you have acquired some level of Self-Mastery, which would never have occurred, had you remained safely tucked away in your uneventful comfort zone.”