Self-centered Pride vs. God-centered Pride.
Oregon, US of A
Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, each one of you is special.  You are special in your own merit as you recognize more and more that you are loved by the Father.  You have come to claim your birthright as a son or daughter of God and learn to live a God-centered life so as to gain entry into the Divine Family Circle.


 “Each effort does eventually bear fruit.  Each effort helps upgrade your whole being.  It is understandable that you can be proud of your achievements, of your hard-earned personal transformation.  This sense of pride is perfectly acceptable.  It is the pride felt by a little one when he/she learns to walk on his/her own.  It is a joyous and heartfelt pride — very different from the self-involved and blinding pride of the narcissistic soul.


“Self-centered pride is a dead end as it only revolves around the lower self and prevents the soul from expanding.  God-centered pride, however, is glorious; it is expressed in gratitude as the joy of accomplishing the Father’s Will triggers beautiful feelings in your soul.  As you come into alignment with your Higher Self, you feel elation and ecstasy as well as infinite gratitude.  These feelings are not self-centered.  They are God-centered.  They are feelings the Father implanted in your soul in the hope they would come to life and beautify your life and your surroundings.  Isn’t it amazing to discover, little by little, how much loving foresight the Father had from the very beginning of creation.  His creation is truly multi-layered and filled with amazing surprises.  This is where true joy resides.


“Learn to dive deeper into each moment so as to retrieve more of its divine essence.  This precious divine extract should be squeezed out of life experiences.  Nevertheless, it does require pressure.  Precious metals must be melted at very high temperatures to be purified.  Dear one you, too, are like a very precious metal.  Your soul is meant to become a unique and very precious diamond — a reflective diamond — scintillating in the Father’s light.  Isn’t it worth life’s struggles which help you discover what an amazing treasure you are?


 “Keep that vision of perfection in your mind, dear child.  Remember that there are divine intentions behind your life’s struggle and that the Father always has His eyes on you, monitoring your life from a very close position through your Divine Thought Adjuster.  The Father is a hands-on Personality.”