Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, there are many levels of spiritual nutrition.  Whenever human beings are still too immature and unaware to make the conscious decision to take charge of their spiritual nutrition, the Father and His helpers work anonymously in order to support these still unawake children.

“The Father has His own life line connecting Him to each one of His children as long as they do not consciously sever that life giving line.  The evolutionary process is such that the experiences of the mortal life do also greatly contribute to the nurturing of the soul.  However, it does take a desire from the part of the creature to improve and perfect oneself.  If this possibility and potential of improvement are not perceived or are considered as too challenging, then stagnation and even regression can occur and, unfortunately, such a life is missing the mark, its mark. 


“Life on earth is a unique opportunity to transform the caterpillar into a butterfly.  The celestial realms are meant for those who have developed their spiritual wings.  There is a time for each season and the short season on earth is meant to give the caterpillar ample time to do its metamorphosis. 


“The beauty contained in a caterpillar is an amazing potential which needs to be expressed as the caterpillar crawls toward this moment of enlightenment and transfiguration.  As you look at your siblings, search for the butterfly and do not over focus on the caterpillar.  Each mortal being is still an embryo who needs to grow to its full potential.”