Oregon, US of A
Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Life abounds in messages decoded and interpreted by your brain that relays all types of operational data to your body. As well, your emotions provide you with additional pieces of useful information.

“Pain signals raise the alarm about critical areas in need of harmonization. Isn't it a good thing? How else could you make beneficial course corrections and assist your world in its evolution toward Light and Life if you were not prompted to remedy to acute states of discomfort?

“Wherever you may find yourself at any given moment, do not lose sight that Ascension is your life mission statement—the perpetual order of the day.

“A helium-filled balloon keeps climbing, immune to the pull of Earth's gravity. A love-filled soul does just the same, irresistibly drawn to the magnetic pull of the Cosmic Heart from which it hailed and which is Home.

“Yes, life will challenge you—not because it is hostile, but because it solicits your participation. You may not look at it that way when you suffer. However, the School of Hard-Knocks presents you with a rich curriculum that adds many bullet points to your already impressive resume.

“As you remain steadfast amid turmoil, you become untouchable. The peace that passes of understanding floods your being like a welcome tranquilizer, helping you to deal most efficiently with the pain signals. Rather than thrashing around in pain and inflicting harm to innocent bystanders, invoke that sublime peace and let it ‘appease’ you. You will gain mental clarity, as you will have distanced yourself from the paranoia-inducing disturbances.”