Oregon, US of A
Sunday, February 4, 2018

“Jesus laid great emphasis upon what he called the two truths of first import in the teachings of the kingdom, and they are:  the attainment of salvation by faith, and faith alone, associated with the revolutionary teaching of the attainment of human liberty through the sincere recognition of truth. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  Jesus was the truth made manifest in the flesh, and he promised to send his Spirit of Truth into the hearts of all his children after his return to the Father in heaven.”  [UB Paper 141, Section 7]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement struck you as extremely meaningful.  Indeed, it is the message of Jesus in a nutshell:  Salvation is attained by faith alone, associated with the attainment of human liberty through the sincere recognition of truth.  Jesus himself lived by these two essential principles.  He was ever ‘faith-full’ in His relationship to His heavenly father, bravely opting for the most trying ways over the easier ones, therefore breaking a victorious trail of salvation from the very bottom up.  The very fact, He chose to incarnate on a planet severely impacted by Lucifer betrayal renders His life even more memorable and universally impactful. 

“The revelation of Truth was always at the core of His exemplary life.  He was the Truth made manifest in the flesh—for all to acknowledge and emulate.  His living Truth was indeed part of His first aid kit and, when He departed from the planet, He immediately dispatched His Spirit of Truth to make up for His physical absence. 

“Indeed, there are no human liberties without the backbone of truth.  This is the reason why you have to be a sincere and avid truth seeker.  You surely have tasted at some point of your life the liberating feeling of personal empowerment that comes with ‘putting your finger on something meaningful’ and clearly identifying the leading of the Spirit of Truth and His Associates in your personal life, as well as in the orchestration of external circumstances that bring your planet closer to Light and Life.

“Truth has to be disclosed at the many levels of the human experience, starting with self-truth, as all of you are victimized by the many disguises of deception—including self-deception.

“It requires courage to ‘face the truth’—to take the blinders off your spiritual vision, as it is painful to realize how much you may have strayed from the very truth of your being.  Yet, it is also a moment of great hope, as it is the beginning of a mighty conversion experience—the thorough remodeling of your old self into a much more vibrant new you.  Indeed, the truth is life-giving and severs one by one all the attachments to the lies that hold you back.  By flexing your faith muscles under the coaching of Truth, you will gradually witness the emergence of the striking authentic you.  As well, you will be greatly energized, having broken away from the hard to read poker faces of lies and deception.”