Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “You asked Me how to detect my Still Small Voice.  It speaks with confidence and authority—unlike the other tentative voice in your head.  Why is it so?

“It is because I AM one with the Father’s Will; I Am in full agreement with the Spirit of Truth sent to counsel you; as well, I work in unity and harmony with the Holy Spirit of the Divine Minister.  It is all made possible because We are the united Forces of Love and Light.

“How do I convey My messages to you?  Know that the wisdom I share with you ALWAYS finds resonance in your heart.  It has to be so because Truth is loving, and Love is truthful in the Higher Realms of consciousness.

“My Still Small Voice will never mislead you.  Instead, it will ever point the way to the disclosure of more truth, beauty, and goodness.  It will exert a magnetic pull on your whole being, appealing to your mind's acuity and the love in your heart that should cooperate instead of engaging in an unproductive tug-of-war.

“At the onset of each day, spend quality time with the Heavenly Hosts and Me.  Allow Us to dispense our Love Substance and to facilitate the full surrender of your will to the legitimate prompts of the Powers-That-Are.

“Your will is a force with which to reckon.  Beware of its impulsive directives, as they may manifest an unpleasant reality. Carefully go through your 'pre-flight list' to ensure that you adhere to safe parameters before you crank up your will power, setting your mind free to soar with the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit as its Wingmen.”