Oregon, US of A
Saturday, March 28, 2015

Teacher:  “Dear one, you are asking for advice and it will be given to you as it is the rule of engagement for that process.  Advice comes in many shapes and forms.  It can be through the spoken word of a confident-- a close one-- who knows you well ; or it can be through the words of truth spoken by a perfect stranger who, because he/she is not emotionally engaged in your life drama, can become an uncontaminated receiver and transmitter for the celestial realms and for their input. 


“Sometimes you may be guided to a book which will strike a chord within you or get your answer form a song you hear on the radio…  You know already that you have experienced in your life all of the above.  So yes, whenever you ask for advice, the answer will be forthcoming.  Yours is to be receptive so that you are not distracted when the answer is sent your way.  Again, this is why it is necessary for you to ask questions as each question ends with a question mark that leaves the space open for the answer to be forthcoming.


“Asking also entails having the humility to receive the answer and being in a state of allowing for the answer to come as so frequently human beings resist what is not so pleasant for them to hear and shroud themselves with the shield of denial.  The Divine will then keep His mouth shut, knowing that negative emotions would be stirred by the lack of receptivity.


“Genuine asking and a heartfelt desire to receive guidance are therefore the prerequisites to any divine guidance.  When the student is ready, the Teacher comes.  The Teacher won’t address an unruly classroom as it would be a complete waste of time.  However a smart teacher will  whet the curiosity of his/her students by initiating the communication, asking them thought provoking questions, engaging them in their thinking.  This is what parents should be doing with their offspring; they should help them think independently, rather than force feed them with their own mental chatter.


“Each human being is wired to think independently and then to share the fruit of his/her reflections with other as they will trigger a snowball reaction and ignite new thoughts in others.  This is how humanity can evolve as one organism.


“Jesus compared himself to a fisherman--the fisherman of men.  He was an experienced fisherman during his life on the planet.  Fishing entails throwing a lure in the water, something attractive to the fish.  In order to whet the appetites of your associates, you too have to learn to entice them to ask for more by sharing with them savory tidbits of your acquired experience and information.  Once they realize that you did your homework and that you can enlighten them in their own quest for answers, they will start asking you questions and a dialogue will take place, a very fruitful one. 


“Go, dear one, and feed your brothers and sisters.  There is plenty for everyone and we will keep restocking your pantry with fresh and organic spiritual insights.”