Oregon, US of A
Thursday, June 18, 2020

“The religionist has faith in a God of love.  Love is the essence of religion and the wellspring of superior civilization.”  [UB 102:6:3]

Thought Adjuster: “To love and being loved is the essence of happiness because the Creator’s primal motivation was to express His Love in Action.  Love is a potent activator that surges from the open heart and is quite compelling by nature.

Religions should be exclusively driven by love if they presume to connect their adepts to the Divine.  Love is an optimum energizer that blesses both the giver and the receiver, and finds its apex in a peaceful setting.

A loving heart and a peaceful mind are the prerequisites for authentic spiritual experiences and the emergence of superior civilizations.  You don't have to search long for a preponderance of the evidence bearing witness to the withering state of planetary affairs in the absence of love in action.

To many, the end justifies the mean means. They bully those who think differently, establishing a cast system of ‘them against us.’  They feed ideological rivalries, hoping to gain the upper hand and bring about the demise of their perceived arch-enemies. Such destructive behaviors fueled by toxic emotions cannot generate pleasant outcomes. 

How could a hater understand anything about the supreme experience of love, which is the natural climax of upscale emotions?  Due to their abrasiveness and acidity, lower-end emotions cannot generate superior civilizations.  In fact, these hardened sociopaths precipitate their demise.

God’s all-pervading love is ‘in here' and 'out there,’ inviting you to satiate your growing soul with its Royal Jelly.  It prompts you to emulate Jesus' demeanor—the stellar ways of love and light in a world obscured by festering hotspots of hate, deception, and delusion.”