Oregon, US of A
Friday, May 10, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “For those of you who do not grasp yet that your planet is going through the motions of the Correcting Time, what occurs on the outer may appear as hopelessly spinning out of control.  The forces of darkness seem to have acquired the upper hand in many areas impacting the human condition, as manifested by the falling apart of many institutions and the undeniable disintegration of moral values.

“However, if you stop and think about the acceleration of these tumultuous occurrences, you will detect that they are pregnant with hope and herald the spiritual planetary springtime.  How else could the planet ever recover from the terrible damages inflicted by the Luciferian treason?  Lucifer surreptitiously lured immature souls to side with his godless agenda, leading them to their extinction. 

“The Correcting Time orchestrates the reversal of this dead-ended process.  The Forces of Light are pro-actively campaigning to bring back as many of these confused souls into the comforting fold of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—a far more enticing agenda. 

“Keep in mind that those who live in spiritual darkness will NEVER find fulfillment, as, being out of alignment with their soul’s purpose, they are conflicted on the inner.  Instead of letting themselves be absorbed into the harmonizing Oneness, they have become self-destructive dissidents. They try to convince others of the ‘righteousness’ of their misguided ways by clamoring with the fake authority of defiance to justify the unjustifiable.  It is impossible, as lies are self-contradicting, whereas the truth is self-validating.

“Do not be discouraged by the rampant dysfunctionality.  It does have its silver lining when brought under penetrating scrutiny of Light.  The Lucifer colony has to crumble for the Kingdom of God to move in.  Yours is to decide on which side you stand.  Your free will decision is all that it takes to initiate your conscious defection from what does not serve the Highest Good—yours included.  You will undergo a rapid inner metamorphosis through this transfer of allegiance. 

“Just the same, your world, as a whole, needs to experience a change of heart to shift in Light and Life.  The New World—inner and outer—has so much to offer.  One thing is for sure, following the Guiding Light will liberate you from the dark pits of guilt, shame, and inadequacy to replace them with everlasting joy—the vibrant and exhilarating ambiance of the Kingdom.”