Oregon, US of A
Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Christ Michael:  “Dear one, the picture came to your mind that, on Easter day, the day of my resurrection in spirit, I traded the crown of thorns for a crown of glory as I qualified that day to be the Sovereign of the local universe of Nebadon.

“As you know from your Urantia Book, each Creator Son has to undergo seven different incarnations in the likeliness of His creatures.  The Teacher too has to be a student first.  A good Ruler has to know His subjects; a true Father has to be closely involved with the life of His children.  A father too experiences first what it feels like to be a child.  All these various life experiences – my life experiences – truly connected me in heart and soul with all my children, without any exceptions or favoritism.

“All are equal in the heart of the Father.  I love each one of you personally as your personality was granted to you by the Father.  It is an amazing gift which grants you uniqueness and individuality.  This is one of the major reason why I am so fond of my children, as each one of them represents a unique facet of the Father, their Heavenly Father. 

“You truly are of divine DNA in so many ways.  You are of divine essence.  Once you recognize that undeniable fact, you will grow so much more in self-respect and in the respect that you feel toward your siblings.

“Love and respect one another for your uniqueness, for your God given gifts.  By beholding these precious gifts, you will come to feel more and more gratitude for the Bestower of these gifts and for the fact that He lovingly provided you with an extended family, a loving family.

“It is time for humanity to host a family reunion.  It is time for humanity to remember that they all have the same origin-- Love.  It is time to expand that love in each heart in order to let it to flow freely as it was intended to.  It is time to remember who you truly are – God gave you personality and, at the same time, He gave you dignity and self-respect so that you would cherish His gifts and put them to good use. 

“How sad it is that so many earthly children have lost sight on whom they actually are.  They have been lied to and started believing wholeheartedly in the lies.  I came to bring the Truth of your kinship with the Father and with one another.  I came to empower you.  Pray to get in touch with your divine essence so that you can be reconnected with your true life purpose.

“Dear children, the Father gave you many talents.  It is yours to put them to good use instead of burying them for lack of recognizing how gifted you are.  Ask for your gifts to be revealed to you so that you can experience the amazing joy and fulfillment which come about when you start sharing them with others, when you allow them to unfold and expand within your being.  The Father loves you for who you are and who YOU ARE becoming.  Putting your gifts to good use is the most precious gift you can return to the Father, a gift of gratitude.”