Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “While the United States' citizenship is called to make a weighty decision by selecting a president, invoke the light of God into your consciousness to make a moral decision, validated by the reassuring peace that will come over you. 

Which type of influence do you choose to exert energetically?  No matter the outcome of this election, it represents an opportunity for you to practice humility and love in action by intending to act as an agent of positive change.  Do not allow yourself to be engulfed by negative emotions.

Misguided individuals already premeditate to terrorize neighborhoods by starting violent riots if they do not get their ways.  Some of them are hardened mercenaries who pose a threat to democratic liberties and are devoid of a spiritual compass.  

Go down on your knees.  Humbly surrender your will to the divine will while acting responsibly.  Emulate Jesus's poised attitude amid unsettling situations.  Always did he play by the Golden Rule, basing all decisions on the overall highest good, having honed sharp discernment skills by frequently communing with his divine Indweller. 

Jesus did not judge others even though he could see through them.  You certainly are not better qualified than he was. Yet you can be inspirational by bravely coping with disappointment or comforting those subjected to its sting.

It is how Abel should have acted toward his disheartened brother, compassionately tending to his bruised ego.  Cain would have then rejoiced in his brother’s good luck without harboring any hard feelings.

This election is undoubtedly a national spiritual challenge.  Do not get caught into dangerous drama.  Understand how crucial it is that you remain grounded in peace, thus acting as its anchor. How else could the Father gain a strong foothold on your world if you fail to give him access to your heart?  May his will prevail!”