Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, December 26, 2017

“Religion stands above science, art, philosophy, ethics, and morals, but not independent of them.” [UB 2096:04]

Thought Adjuster: “As you ponder the above statement, I will help you make sense of it.  Why is it that religion stands above the other domains that constitute human life?  Religion has to do with the growth of the soul.  It points to the fact that the objective of the short-lived planetary human experience is to develop a healthy soul—the part of you that is imperishable as long as it is wisely attended to with love and care.

“Science deals with your material reality.  Yet, it has now come to a turning point where it starts investigating more invisible and intangible areas of your experience.  Even scientists have become aware of a much finer energetic and vibrational reality—thus connecting more dots and filling more blanks in your inquisitive minds.

“Philosophy is an activity of the mind on its quest to make sense of its own existence.  Ethics and morals are ever-evolving due to the fact that they are not yet entirely attuned to the Divine Will if they fail to fully embrace the practice the Golden Rule.

“Dear ones, in everything you do, it is of foremost importance that you go within to check with Me at the Soul Level.  Actions are only meaningful if they contribute to the beautification of your soul and your world.  Otherwise, they can have adverse effects on your personal development, as well as the planetary evolution.

“Indeed, religion is not independent of all the other facets of your life.  It should be the breath of life that brings everything in a forward motion.  You should not embrace blindly a religious affiliation, as there is a danger that you may dull your sense of discernment in the process.  Always feel free to own to the elements of goodness that resonate within your heart.  Indeed, I will validate them with My Divine Echo—My vote of confidence.  Each one of you is on his or her very own spiritual treasure hunt, as you are starting from vastly different places. 

“Most of all, religion should not be a ruthless competition.  It should be the loving collaboration of eager souls looking for their common purpose and being empowered along the way by all the scientific discoveries, moral progress, and more that are meant to promote the soul growth of humanity as a whole—thus inaugurating the Kingdom of Heaven, as more souls are consciously guided to partake in that amazing project—the Great Plan.”