Oregon, US of A
Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “The thought entered your mind that Jesus is forever relevant.  His exemplary life and teachings are timeless, therefore never obsolete—they are of the ‘innovative classics’ category, appropriate for all age groups and the guidance they provide is applicable to any given situation—like a spiritual master key.  As well, they demonstrate the far-reaching ripple effects of a God-centered life—through time and space, and beyond.

“Another point I wish to make is that, in order to reach Godlikeness, you cannot bypass Christlikeness.  How so?  Jesus stated over and over that “He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  Indeed, during His human incarnation, He role modeled for His vast family of time and space the How-to-Reach-Godlikeness within the span of a short human incarnation. 

“You could think that He was an extraordinary super achiever—a type A spiritual personality—way out of your league.  Yet, such was not the case, as everything and anything He did was done in a humble mode of constant service, sharing His increasing personal enlightenment while remaining closely connected and accessible to those who looked up to Him for spiritual guidance, having recognized that His authentic experience shattered the many crystalized ceilings of traditions. 

 “No one comes to the Father but through Me” was not a narcissistic statement but a mere statement of facts.  As the Son of Man, He set the first human precedent of reaching the character fullness of godlikeness.  This is the reason why His life is a timeproof source of inspiration—forever relevant, as it was grounded in absolute Truth, immune to the whims and fluctuations of relative truth.  To these days, Jesus reiterates to each one of you a heartfelt “Follow Me!”—an invitation to let Him lead you to a much higher state of spiritual awareness from which you can harvest the many Fruits of Spirit hanging from the branches of His living tree.  He invites you to this amazing All-You-Can-Eat spiritual banquet where each soul gets satiated according to its nutritional needs.”