Oregon, US of A
Friday, September 13, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “Jesus never interrupted His mission of spiritual salvation. Knowing the sorrow His loved ones endured after His tragic death, His top post-resurrection priority was to establish contact with them and comfort them.  He appeared to many—family members, women followers, disciples, as well as all types of believers—thus exemplifying the universal character of the spiritual salvation He was bringing.

“He also used these opportunities to reiterate the power points of His Gospel. His spiritual mission remained on track, as He had come to establish a Kingdom of the Heart—not a material one.

“He appeared to token representatives of humankind. As well, He resumed His role as a Teacher to ensure that the essence of His message would be retained. He stressed the urgency of sharing the Living Truth with all.

“This revelation is forever valid. It is the ‘How-to’ establish a Kingdom of the Heart on Earth. As part of the current generation of earth indwellers, you have a critical role to play. Jesus’ injunctions during His various apparitions are timeless and still apply to all of you. His message was one of hope.

“Do not let the challenges of your life rob this hope from you. Bravely pick up the baton in the Relay for Spiritual Life. There is no better way for you to show your appreciation for the second wind He brought to each life—yours included.”