Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, whenever you invite the Divine Presence into your Stillness, the first telltale sign that Spirit is moving in is Peace.  The Divine is a stress free zone so to speak.  How could Jesus be the Prince of Peace if Peace had not emanated from His presence?


“By focusing on peace in your meditation and by visualizing that your inner sanctum is a very peaceful pool of clear water, you are harmonizing your vibrations with those of Spirit and you are truly inviting Peace into your being.  Peace is a place of clear thinking, devoid of anxieties. 


“Anxiety must be abandoned.  The disappointments hardest to bear are those which never come.” UB557:05. 


“This was your quote of the day.  Anxiety ruins any peaceful state of mind.  All the what ifs in the world are non-existent and yet they are becoming part of the reality of the worrier, draining him/her of energies which could otherwise be used creatively. 


“Whenever you recognize that anxiety is creeping in, take a deep breath, and disassociate yourself from the anxiety vibes.  You can do so by speaking some powerful affirmation so as to engage your will power in the process by asserting that you chose to think and feel otherwise.  This is a powerful spiritual tool that many are getting to discover at this time.  You can choose your thoughts and your feelings and by doing so, you can improve on your reality. 


“Your reality is like a room to which you have the key.  You can acquire different pieces of furniture to dress it up.  You can select them based on your taste and the atmosphere you wish to create in that room.  You will use a lot of discernment to do so as you wish that everything be and feel harmonious.  Your mind should be treated in a similar way.  Pick and chose what you allow in.  Reject what is substandard as it only contributes to clutter your spirit and to damper your mood.


“The more you practice that skill, the more empowered you will become in your life.  Soon you will reject anxieties as you would swat away irritating bugs.”