Monday, April 30, 2018

“The only means of communion with the spiritual world is embraced in the spirit endowment of mankind, the indwelling spirit of the Father, together with the outpoured spirit of the Son and the omnipresent influence of the Infinite Spirit.”  [UB, Paper 150, Section 3]

Thought Adjuster: “It is indeed a magical moment when you surrender your mind to Our input.  It is magical for all parties involved, as, by doing so, you are granting Us full access to your mind—and to your heart.  We greatly rejoice about such a golden opportunity and you won’t have to ask Us twice.  We have been waiting for your invitation to more actively step into your mental space, even though We are ever-present within you.

“When I say “We”, I am speaking of the combined spiritual influences of your Father’s Indwelling Fragment—Me—the Spirit of Truth of the Son, and the Holy Spirit—your ‘live-in’ Trinity.  Why then would so many of you still resort to material means, driven by superstitious belief systems, in their quest to obtain ‘spiritual’ guidance?  “The belief in all such material means of influencing the spiritual world is nothing but gross superstition.… Superstitious errors have no place in the gospel of the Kingdom.” [UB Paper 150, Section 3]

“Jesus’ message was unequivocal.  He NEVER EVER resorted to magical rituals, nor did He entertain fear-driven superstitions.  Rather, He strived to steer mankind away from their ‘magical thinking’—their childish and ineffective approach to the Divine.  One of the first thing He set on to debunk was that the Father relishes in gruesome blood offerings and is picky in selecting among them, preferring a pricy lamb over the modest offering of a dove.  Seriously?

“At the Final Supper, Jesus conveyed to those in attendance that He was the ‘symbolic’ sacrificial lamb, admonishing thereby to abandon all types of animal offerings.  The Father does not rejoice in the shedding of innocent blood.  He rejoices in the offerings of humble hearts—the hearts of the genuine servants of humanity—the true planetary ‘movers and shakers’.  Love offerings are what the Father smiles upon.  Everything else is an abhorrence to His sensitive Heart that only responds to the combination of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—Love in Action.

“Dear ones, rather than resorting to dubious and detoured means to get in touch with Spirit, go straight to the Source, as It has been made available right within you since the momentous day of Pentecost.  Reach out in spirit to Spirit and you will surely be guided and transformed.”