Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 27, 2019

“Any attempt to shift parental responsibility to state or church will prove suicidal to the welfare and advancement of civilization.”  [UB 941:08]

Thought Adjuster: “Do not be concerned about My guidance.  I work with your thoughts and am very resourceful in extracting from them the raw materials that will help shape your mind. You can learn to channel your thoughts in unchartered spiritual territories, which will significantly facilitate My labor of love.  Otherwise, I will sort out through your thinking and carefully select any useful materials for the enlightenment of your mind and the feeding of your soul.

“Family is the cornerstone of society—not the other way around.  Parents should never be divested of their valuable contributions in the process of raising their children to become competent and productive citizens.

“Historically, governments who took over the role of educators ended up mass-producing individuals with a ‘one-fits-all’ type of mindset.  The same applies to any entity that takes over the parental duties.  It is indeed suicidal to the welfare and advancement of civilization, as it takes away the element of private initiative and independent thinking.

“Brave mavericks have historically been the ‘movers and shakers’ of progressive evolution.  They did not let governmental agencies or religious institutions squeeze their thinking into a generic mold, thus nipping in the bud their creative aspirations.  It is far better to promote the flourishing of each unique personality by allowing them to roam free under the wise parental watch care and encourage them to stretch their mind, thus becoming instrumental in the development of new ground-breaking prototypes—their innovative contribution to progressive evolution.”