Oregon, US of A
Friday, June 7, 2019

“And this intense striving for the attainment of super mortal ideals is always characterized by increasing patience, forbearance, fortitude, and tolerance.”  [UB11:06]

Thought Adjuster: “Indeed, the ‘striving for the attainment of super mortal ideals is intense.  No one will refute that fact, as all of you have validated it by personal experience.  Sadly, many give up too soon, advancing the sorry excuse that they have no will power.  The Father knows otherwise since He indiscriminately bestowed such power upon you—thus making you one of His many ‘will creatures.’

“It would be more accurate to admit that you need to develop your will power rather than claiming that you were overlooked when this power of manifestation was handed out.  How ingrate of you! 

“There is always the latent possibility that you unwisely squander this power of manifestation on the pursuit of godless purposes.   The quality of the outcome is determined by where you ‘choose’ to channel your will power. Short-sighted objectives bear an expiration date, as they are of this world, whereas long-term achievements will come to fruition in the hereafter.

“Wouldn’t it considerably boost your spirits to know that your efforts and sheer perseverance in your quest for supernal values will earn you the exalted status of super mortal or superhuman--a status whose do-ability was personally demonstrated by Jesus. Living a life centered on absolute values will activate the superhero in you who is waiting in a standby mode and will become known for his patience, forbearance, strength, and tolerance—just as Jesus was.  All superheroes are Love in Action—serving the good cause. What are you waiting for?  Put on your superhero outfit and start acting like one!”