Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River was the inauguration of its public ministry—a significant and patiently-awaited turning point.  The hour had finally arrived for him to lay down his tools and take on an itinerant lifestyle to campaign full-time for the divine Cause. 

Each one of you has been, is, or will be similarly activated as a laborer in the field, thus following in the Master’s footsteps.  You are to become part of the legions of cheerful broadcasters and implementers of the good news amid the proliferation of unsettling mediatic accounts.

The good news is that you live in the long-awaited Correcting Time where iniquity can no longer remain camouflaged under a self-generated and devious smokescreen.  It is why you witness brazen and relentless assaults from the dark side in overt attempts to write off the core values of spiritual sustainability—truth, beauty, and goodness.

Your hour comes when you make a heartfelt decision to lead a Christlike life.  It places you at the starting gate of your public ministry.  From then on, you will reach out to spiritual paupers to introduce them to their vibrant higher self and debrief them about their prestigious eternal calling to greatness.

Your hour does come in power and glory.  When you align your will with the divine Will, a tremendous synergy occurs that puts the metaphoric mustard seed of your faith on steroids, enabling it to lift impressive weights in unison with its divine Spotter!

Aren’t you eager to unleash your super-powers?  It certainly will spice up your life.  Once enrolled in that spiritual-conditioning regimen, you will experience many synchronicities—a telltale sign that the Divine vets your good intentions."