Oregon, US of A
Saturday, May 5, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “This is the Correcting Time—the epochal time when all wrongs shall be righted. How do you feel about it?  Is it something to get upset about or does it give you ample reason to rejoice?  As always, it is an individual choice.

“Surely, you can get upset and all worked up about the proliferation of wrongs that you get to witness firsthand.  Yet, beware of those you hear about second-hand—the ones conveyed to you by hearsay or through unverifiable ‘anonymous’ sources whose agenda may well be to rob you of your positive thinking thus leading you to operate in a depressed and hopeless mode that renders you powerless to address so many ‘malfunctions’.

“Let us then focus on what you witness first-hand and that is validated by your personal experience.  The righteous indignation you feel will be the telltale sign that ‘something is not right’.  As well, you may feel symptomatic discomfort and uneasiness whenever you are called to remedy to what is wrong on the inner. View these as positive signs, as they bring to your consciousness the need to take corrective actions and to instigate your very own ‘correcting time’.

“Indeed, the Correcting Time is all-encompassing.  It pertains to the individual and to the planet.  It is a divine intervention of staggering magnitude and you can be part of the Team! 

“Just as Jesus came in a grief-stricken world to bring the ‘good news’, your life can be encouraging if you focus on all the blessings that are about to be bestowed on the planet through the resolution of whatever is not harmonious—on the inner and the outer.  Your attitude is what makes a huge difference.  Will you be able to keep your spirits up and uplift others?  Or will you let them pull you into the quicksand of their own helplessness and ‘cannot-do spirit’? 

“At the beginning of each day, put on your armor of light—your divine coat of arms.  Step into the day with the courage and confidence of a heavenly soldier.  Go within to receive your marching orders and return to Me so that I can debrief you and help you strategize your tomorrows.  This is how the Heavenly Cause will gain ground, day after day—one act of courage at a time.  The only effective act of surrendering is your initial surrender to the ‘good guys’—those who have the planetary welfare at heart.”