Oregon, US of A
Monday, April 6, 2015

Christ Michael:  “Dear Child, never think that, when you express the desire to commune with Me, it is an imposition.  How could it ever be the case?  I lived as a human being in order to set some higher standards of living for my mortal children on all the universes.  I declared that I am the Way and the Light as, by living a mortal life, I became a trail breaker, opening a path toward the Paradise Ascension. 

“A father wishes that his children turn to him for advice as he is equipped with his own experience to provide some valuable input to the one who asks.  Each life situation is different and yet, there are many common denominators on the spiritual level.  Your attitude is what allows you to navigate life with more or less success.

“A father will not make decisions for his child, but he will encourage his child to define his life decisions based on a healthy mental and spiritual outlook as this physical realm has everything to do with the spiritual dimensions.  It is a spiritual nursery, a soul nursery.

“While I lived my life on earth and was faced with many personal challenges, I always went to the Father to check on my attitude and on how to formulate my response to challenging situations. The Father always knows the way back to Paradise.  As His Creator Sons, we know the way leading from our local universe to the next level, where other divine beings will take over your education and your guidance once you reach that level. 

“The process of ascension is a joyful process.  Each step upward reveals new panoramas and new possibilities.  Eternal life is a continuous discovery journey and each life station shapes the soul and calibrates it more finely.

“The process of climbing a mountain to get to its summit requires a lot of wise preparation.  At each plateau, the climber needs to rest and to adjust to the new quality of air so as not to suffer from mountain sickness.  The Father has planned many rest stations along the Paradise ascension, many beautiful places for the Paradise pilgrims to tarry at and to gather new experiential wisdom to assist them on the next leg of their journey.  The Father will not authorize a traveler to move to the next level until He absolutely knows that His child is equipped for the journey.  Ascension is all about survival as it is all about eternal life.”