Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Teacher: “Dear child, as you go within to get your daily spiritual nutrition, you feel like a little fish in a stream on the outlook for a bug. From our side of the veil, we feel like the fishermen who have to skillfully present a tasty bite to the hungry fish. It requires skills on both sides. The fish has to be hungry and aware, and the fisherman has to be well informed as to the biological needs and routines of the fish so as to select the appropriate bait and be at the right place at the right time.
“Teachings are only effective if they meet the needs of the student so as to propel him toward new levels of understanding and integration of Truth. Too much, too soon does not work as it would overwhelm the systems of the evolutionary individual. “A pint cannot hold a quart.” You can rest assured that life will only present you situations that you are equipped to cope with; they can be accepted as triggers for further development rather than viewed as runaway  freight trains about to shatter your fragile accomplishments.
“Much spiritual assistance is available to you at all times—private spiritual Tutors that are in the know of your life curriculum. Yes, each one of you has the opportunity to be “home schooled” by Spirit and such customized private teachings are much more effective for your growth than the more generic public teachings taught to the masses by the churches.
“This is not to say that Group Consciousness is not meaningful as it can benefit from each individual experience when shared. Yet, frequently, in Church settings, only a few are appointed to teach about the Divine. They can only be as effective and convincing as they have personally walked the walk and mastered the topics; they can then share meaningful “applied education” rather than reading word for word from a Holy Book frozen in time.
“Any life connected to the Divine can become a Holy Book of its own--a weighty book. You are the one staring at a blank page at the beginning of each new day. You are the one developing the script of your book of life--one decision at a time. Will it be a page turner filled with meaningful testimonies and lessons deducted from your hand-ohands-oniences? Or will it be boring and only rehash what is already known without displaying any creative writing?
“Will you do your own research? The human psyche has access to the School of Divinity and its devoted Faculty--the spiritual influences of the Adjutant Mind Spirits of Intuition, Understanding, Courage, Knowledge, Counsel, Wisdom and Worship. In other words, their influence in your life could be depicted as: “I have a hunch [Intuition]; Ah ha, I understand! [Understanding]; I will try it out! [Courage]; I know based on my experience [Knowledge]; I will share with others and benefit from their experiences as well [Counsel]; I am now wiser! [Wisdom] God is great! [Worship]. This very organic and natural process is supervised as well by the Spirit of Truth that gives Its stamp of approval on the positive outcomes of your research and the Holy Spirit that guides you in Love.