Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk some more about the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven—the Kingdom of the Heart.  In the olden days, many nations sent out brave conquerors in remote parts of the globe to expand the reach of their kingdom by colonizing remote countries.  As well, the spreading of the Kingdom of the Heart has been and will keep occurring in a similar fashion—initially hidden from those whose vision is turned outward and who have not YET been born of the Spirit.

“Indeed, the Kingdom of the Heart starts within.  Some of you have already taken the free will decision to claim their citizenship status there.  Your ‘heart-felt’ application is all that it takes, as no one can get access to it without engaging their heart.

“The next step occurs gradually as the Kingdom’s citizens spread the benign virus of Love, thus winning over more souls—annexing the many ‘principalities of the heart’ that pop up here and there, eager to adhere to the very effective peacemaking policy of the Kingdom—the Golden Rule that promotes the overall highest good.

“For those of you who are already tasting the juicy fruits of Spirit, it becomes harder to witness the abominations occurring in your world because your wide-open hearts, flooded with ‘com-passion’, cannot help but ‘suffer with’ their abused siblings.  Yet, you have to prevent your inner Kingdom from being taken over by the debilitating emotions of depression and hopelessness—the Trojan horses of the dark forces, so to speak.

“It is best for you to look forward and upward, just as a mountain climber keeps his vision focused on the coveted summit, aware that he would put himself at high risk of falling victim to vertigo if he were to look down on the threatening abyss of the valley from which he is slowly emerging.  After reaching the top, he gleefully plants his flag to be seen from afar, thus sending out a message of hope to the parties following its ascension trail.”