Oregon, US of A
Thursday, July 12, 2018

“Of all the dangers which beset man’s mortal nature and jeopardize his spiritual integrity, pride is the greatest.”  [UB 1223:01]

Thought Adjuster: “Get down your high horse!” “Stop acting holier than thou!”; “You have a chip on your shoulder!” are commonly heard expressions directed to those who act pridefully, viewing themselves as superior to others and thus belittling them and threatening their sense of self-esteem. 

“Pride was part of the Luciferian arsenal of spiritual ‘mass destruction’; yet, it was also a self-sabotaging time-bomb.

“Pride generates a social discordance of the ‘Me-above-Them’ type—a dangerous superiority complex that renders one delusional and irrational, as prideful individuals will do everything to justify their uncalled-for behaviors.  They will even go as far as using their personal shortcomings as projectiles. 

“Such behaviors are part of the sorry legacy of the Lucifer rebellion and pride needs to be eradicated from the human DNA in order to restore it to its pre-Luciferian make-up.  This was accomplished by your Master Jesus who never succumbed to the lures of pride.  Far from accepting all due credit for His personal achievements, He always forwarded it to His Heavenly Father with a hand-written  Thank-You note.

“Beware of the adulation of your peers! Beware of self-adulation!  Beware of the entrapments of fame and so-called stardom! Lucifer was originally referred to as the ‘Morning Star’.  Sadly, the oversized pride he developed caused his downfall and he tragically took a great part of his fan club down with him—on both sides of the veil.

“His story can show how pride can sneak upon anyone—even very enlightened beings.  It is like a malignant virus that you need to constantly keep at bay—as was successfully modeled by Jesus.  Even though He was spiritually superior to all, Jesus refused to sit on a man-made throne.  Rather, by washing the feet of His disciples, He humbly lowered Himself below them.

“Never did He discourage others by pointing to their ‘bad and ugly’ propensities.  Rather, He brought salvation by simultaneously raising the low self-esteem of the downtrodden and admonishing those suffering from oversized egos to tone them down so that they could access their inner Kingdom of Heaven—the Kingdom of the Heart—something that Lucifer was unwilling to do.”