Oregon, US of A
Saturday, July 11, 2020

“That which the enlightened and reflective human imagination of spiritual teaching and leading wholeheartedly and unselfishly wants to do and be, becomes measurably creative in accordance with the degree of mortal dedication to the divine doing of the Father’s will.  When man goes in partnership with God, great things may, and do, happen.”  [UB 132:7:9]

Thought Adjuster: “So few among you have consciously accepted the staggering offer to enter into a partnership with God. Does it seem too far out to be worthy of honest consideration, or are you afraid that it will come at too high of a personal cost to meet the altruistic demands of such an honorable public service position?  As for everything else, YOUR attitude and choices determine the grade of your experience and how long it will take you to fulfill your divinely-ordained destiny.

God’s Boundless Imagination, driven by Undying His Passion for life, is at the onset of All-That-Is—you included.  You, too, can pointedly use your imaginative powers to spice up your life experience.  Come up with best-case scenarios, as an optimistic outlook will manifest outcomes along the same vein. Then, after meticulous planning, roll up your sleeves and initiate the implementation phase of your attractive vision. 

To co-create with God Himself, you need to espouse His benevolent Mission Statement wholeheartedly. Each project should pass the strict, threefold quality control of exuding truth, beauty, and goodness—the Divine Rule of Thumb.

It is why it is crucial to spiritualize your imagination so that it yields fruit conceived under the favorable auspices of goodwill initiatives.  The Creator ALWAYS follows the letter of the divine law, thus snuggly fitting all His prototypes within a solid framework. 

An artist first mentally outlines an appealing sketch.  He then eventuates it by investing his time and selectively tapping into identified resources—emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. 

The Father always finishes what He starts—to perfection.  What about you?  Aren’t you eager to find out how much good you can accomplish when you enter in partnership with God, becoming one of His precious outsources?”