I am pregnant with miracles.  Yes, you heard me right.

I know for sure they are coming, but I don’t know when they might.


It all started with some prayers that I whispered within my heart.

They were picked up by the angels and analyzed for their content

To make sure they were kosher and worthy of acknowledgment.


The angelic bureaucrats are no-nonsense entities.

They throw in the recycling bin all generic petitions

Just as you would dispose of unsolicited mailings:

Boisterous self-advertising and shallow recitations…


Some of the petitions may be declined lovingly

Or edited as seen fit, in accordance with your needs.

You may not get your pony nor win the lottery

If that would cause you to fail rather than succeed.


All the prayers passing muster, based on their heartfelt content,

Are instantly forwarded to the Human Affairs Department

And to its vast staff of specialists in the triage of petitions.


Erring on the side of caution, I send mine registered mail.

Their tracking numbers let me know when they reach destination.

This is when the waiting starts, the pregnant pause.

How long will it take for them to come to fruition?


The tiny seeds of my prayers fertilized by higher powers

Are all it takes to conceive these miraculous embryos

Who peacefully co-exist in the vast cosmic womb

Until their projected due dates of which only Heaven knows…


Mine is to nurture them with hope and water them with faith.

Miracles, once conceived, are at high risk of abortion

Should you tear their placenta with the knife of disbelief.


There is no rule of thumb as to the length of incubation:

All miracles were conceived at the onset of eternity

And they will be delivered under optimal conditions.

You cannot from your end induce their delivery.


Some will seem to manifest practically instantly

As Heavenly dispatchers and switchboard operators

Are trained to bypass time-consuming formalities

Whenever lives are at stake and SOSs are blipping

On the holographic screens of their high tech radars.


Miracles are minutely orchestrated by the invisible hands of fate.

Once the procession of the heavenly bodies is favorably aligned

And the last domino in its strategic position has been placed,

All that is needed then is a small push to set things in motion.


No matter when, no matter how,

Father knows best how to heal your sorrow…


Fri, 03/27/2015