Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “At times, it seems to you that you place perfectly acceptable requests for Divine Consideration without getting the solicited return. What you forget is that you live in time-space reality. 

Jesus enjoined to patience: “Everything must wait the coming of its time. […] no amount of anxiety and no manifestation of impatience will help you to grow up.” [UB 130:5:3] Divine Wisdom determines both the method and the timing for the delivery of the answers to prayers.

It prevents the occurrence of unanticipated adverse outcomes that would take you aback with the sudden realization that you were unprepared to deal with the manifestation of your unrealistic petitions.  

A child day-dreams about operating a motor vehicle, yet he could not reach its pedals. Both physical development and spiritual maturity are prerequisites to engaging in new activities—both for your and public safety.

Once growth occurs, the circumstances change, and windows of opportunity present themselves for what seems to be a belated answer to your prayers. A solid foundation is needed so that an answered prayer does not turn into a destabilizing factor. Personal maturity has to match the level of ‘response-ability’ one can handle.  

One can entrust the handling of a double-edged sword to an expert samurai. Just the same, you have to qualify for the safe fulfillment of your heartfelt prayers. The rule of thumb is: “Would they contribute to or jeopardize the highest good?” It is a parameter by which you can assess their caliber and return some of them to the drafting board for edition before you dispatch them.

Prayers are ALWAYS answered based on your current evolutionary needs. You may add a Post Scriptum: “Father, please clarify the creative ways in which, in Your Infinite Wisdom, You adequately answer each one of my prayers.”