Oregon, US of A
Monday, May 2, 2016

Oregon, US of A, May 2, 2016 

Thought Adjuster

Subject:  “Pray for Those You Criticize.”


Message received by Anyas


“If you truly desire to overcome the habit of criticizing some friend, the quickest and surest way of achieving such a change of attitude is to establish the habit of praying for that person every day of your life.”  [UB 998:06]


Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, as you well know the Perfection of Love is the objective of eternity.  When you compare such an ideal with the current state of affairs on your world, it is undeniable that there is still a long way to go to eradicate “ Loveless-ness” and all its negative attributes.


“In times of political campaigning, many extreme emotions are being projected on the various candidates and their supporters.  One side says black, the opposite side says white and each side affirms standing behind the white demarcation mark and feels justified to throw stones at those who express different opinions and do not shy from engaging in ridiculing and defaming the characters of their siblings in Christ.  It seems that the end justifies the means but unfortunately the consequences are not for the Highest Good as such behaviors are far from reflecting the dignified and ethical attitude advocated and modeled by your Master Jesus in order to elevate the spiritual atmosphere on this world.


“Anger, hate, cynicism, disrespect, and undignified behaviors seem to become acceptable and take over your country in such periods of political “campaigns.”  Facts are no longer examined objectively; instead they are being skillfully wrapped in all sorts of emotional packaging—depending on the individual persuasions.  These packages are then used as ammunitions to bring the “adversaries” to their knees so to speak.


“Isn’t it time to act as the Christians you claim to be?  Isn’t it time to change the ways you go about selecting the most qualified person as a leader?  Jesus admonished to pray for your enemies and He constantly applied it in His own life—under the direst of circumstances.  Through His noble demeanor and His wise input, He stopped in their tracks those who were about to hurl stones at a woman convicted of adultery.  Compassion—not judgment—was His reaction to the human weaknesses.  He lifted people up and encouraged them to better themselves.  He zoomed on their strengths and potentials rather than pointing the finger to their shortcomings and weaknesses.  He built them up!  He set a powerful precedent on how to establish God-centered and harmonious relationships.


“What would happen if each one of you would start to consistently apply such principles in their lives?  Do no longer embrace hateful behaviors as they only contribute to feed the separatist and destructive emotions of hate and resentment.  Whenever you are about to hurl hateful words at each other, pause and place a sentinel on your lips.  Get down to your knees and pray for those that you feel so critical toward due to lack of insight in their individual journey.  Whenever you feel confused, go within and ask for Fatherly Advice. This will become a wonderful “grace period”—a period when Grace can step into your life and –through you—to positively affect other lives as it will change your perspective.  Grace will make you “gracious.”


“Prayer is like a much needed spotlight that divulges many minute and endearing details about the person you criticize--details that have been previously overlooked.  Prayer will soften your heart and the heart of the one you are praying for—a truly win-win situation.  Prayer will connect you.


“Prayer will give you the time to realign your emotions and actions with the standard of the Golden Rule—the one and only Law to be enforced:  “Treat others as you want to be treated.”  Stop acting like unruly children in the sandbox throwing temper tantrums and sand in each other eyes; start acting like true sons and daughters of God!  Everyone is entitled to his/her opinions; yet the way you deliver such opinions has to be tactful and loving.  God despises the sin but loves the sinner.”