Oregon, US of A
Friday, March 15, 2019

“Spirit beings cannot bestow material answers to the spirit petitions of even material beings.  Material beings can pray effectively only when they ‘pray in the spirit.” [UB 168:4.6]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement is part of Jesus’ teachings to His apostles about effective prayer—of which some facets remain nebulous to the human understanding. 

“Humans submit many prayerful petitions that are not ‘of the Spirit’ and, therefore cannot be answered in kind.  While your material needs are met on a material level, your spiritual needs are met by Spirit.  To each their own!

“Rather than doubting that your prayers are heard, learn to rephrase them in the language of Spirit.  It will ‘energize’ them and set them free from the bondage of material gravity. 

“You are spiritual beings living in a physical body.  Only your spirit is a candidate for eternity.  Isn’t it, therefore, crucial to cater to its survival needs?  By doing so, you will remain in alignment with the Divine long-sighted Vision for your life—in the here and now, as well as the hereafter.

“It requires patience.  A child who fantasizes about driving a car will have to wait until his feet can reach the pedals and he has the legal age and the necessary skills to be issued a driver’s license.  The same goes for your Spirit Self.  You may think you are ready to be awarded what you pray for.  In hindsight, you will come to realize how unprepared you were to be express-delivered the answers to your shortsighted prayers. 

“Do not hesitate to pray the prayers of spirit longing; doubt not that you shall receive the answer to your petitions.  These answers will be on deposit, awaiting your achievement of those future spiritual levels of actual cosmic attainment, on this world or on others, whereon it will be possible for you to recognize and appropriate the long-waiting answers to your earlier but ill-timed petitions.” [UB Paper 168:4.9]

“Gratefully, the Spiritual Beings assigned to the triage of your petitions, screen them with the x-ray of Wisdom to come up with appropriate and timely answers.  Keep it in mind and do not get discouraged by the duration of the process.  It ALWAYS serves your highest good.”