Oregon, US of A
Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, isn’t it amazing to think about how many actions are performed on this planet at any given moment?  Over 7 billion human beings are participating in the life drama of Urantia.  Of those, so many are unfortunately living mindlessly-- like pre-preprogrammed automatons--while it was the farthest thing from the Father’s mind to have His children live without awareness.  Whenever actions are not infused with higher intentions, they fall flat as they do not contain in themselves the power to be transmuted in higher energetic vibrations.

“It is like putting a pot of water on the stove and forgetting to turn the heat on under the water; you then wonder why it is still sitting stagnant and cold in the pot while it could have evaporated and been transmuted into a lighter substance.

“Actions are similar.  If they are only infused with self-serving motivations, they do not have a meaningful impact on the life of the planet.  If they are infused with selfless love, they have a positive transformative power not only for the doer, but also for those at the receiving end. 

“Pray that humanity awakens to its divine power.  How transformative this would be!  Within each seed is the potential for a beautiful bloom. Within each action is the same potential whenever the action is meaning-full and altruistic.  Each being is longing for completeness, yet so many are unaware of that super-dimension of their life.  This dimension has to be consciously activated in response to the heart longing.  The heart is truly the Temple of the Divine as the Divine is Love and love lives in the heart.

“Love with all your heart and you will be connected to the Divine and your heart will expand and sing a song of gratitude.  Once each individual discovers the true purpose of his/her being, they can apply themselves knowingly to fulfilling the divine intention concerning their coming into being.  Keep asking questions so as to get the necessary clues to live a meaningful life.”