Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Teacher:  “Dear child, as you are waiting to identify the message we have for you today, the image came to your mind of baby birds waiting for their mother to provide them with food.  The mother leaves the nest again and again to scout for worms and food for her little ones who seem to be insatiable.

“You feel like one of these little birds as your being is hungry and thirsty for truth and higher guidance.  You realize how precious the parental wisdom is in your life.  A little bird keeps its beak open so that it can be fed by its mother.  It is important is that the earthly children also have an attitude of receptivity, that they recognize the spiritual hunger of their being, that they realize that they are not self-sufficient yet and depend on higher spiritual nutrition.  The mind will absorb it little by little and the whole being needs to process it and to integrate it.  This is part of the evolutionary process.  Things do not happen instantly.  They have to evolve slowly so as not to create a sudden imbalance in the various layers of the being. 

“As the little birds get stronger and finally master the art of flying, they are pushed out of their nest so that they also learn to fend for themselves.  The same occurs in human lives.  The children have to leave the safety of the nest in order to gather their own life experiences and to individualize their life experience.  The Father experiences life though each one of His children.  This is why no one is alike as the Father wishes to see that diversity reflected in His own experience. 

“Cultivate your uniqueness as it is your special gift to the Father.  It is the one gift that nobody else can give Him, the gift of your grateful personality, the gift of your loving heart.  The Father has a hole in His heart and a longing that can only be satisfied when His children’s love is being returned to Him to lodge itself in His heart.  Practice love so that you can master love.  As you become a master of love, you will also become an inspiring teacher of love.”