Oregon, US of A
Saturday, January 6, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let your mind dwell for a moment on what it truly means to be ‘powered by faith’.  Indeed, Faith is empowering—it is a very real spiritual force, a renewable energy that can be tapped into to recharge your whole being whenever the many hurdles of life threaten to make you feel powerless.

“As for everything else in your life, you and only you decide how to respond to any given situation.  Will you retreat in fear or courageously address each challenge as being part of an obstacle course devised to make you better and stronger? 

“It is of utmost importance that you be emotionally ‘present’ throughout your days.  This is what allows you to remain on guard and ward off any low-grade emotional parasites that would love to attach themselves to your emotional body and drain you of the power of positive feeling and of your jest for life. 

“Indeed, positive thinking infuses your being with positive feelings.  Isn’t it a win-win situation that you can stage for yourself?  Why would you consciously choose to relocate to a frightening emotional ghetto rather than dwelling in a sunny emotional penthouse?

“Yes, there will times in life when you will feel the deep grief and sorrow associated with the loss of a loved one.  In a way, they bear witness to the fact that genuine love is eternal and, unlike your material body and possessions, it survives the throes of death and keeps you strongly connected by unbreakable heartstrings to your loved ones.  Yet, your grieving hearts need to find new outlets for their blessed love substance, as love is the reason for your being. 

“In those dark moments of your life, take on the torch of Faith and it will become a beacon of light, showing you how to move on from there.  The saying goes “as long as there is life, there is hope.”  Indeed, your Heavenly Father has much hope for you and you are on a heavenly mission.  Live with faith and everything else will fall into place and your life will never be devoid of meaning and passion if it is vested with the higher and stubborn intentions of keeping manifesting Truth, Beauty, and Goodness no matter what.”