Wednesday, November 29, 2017

“You can know the truth, and you can live the truth; you can experience the growth of truth in the soul and enjoy the liberty of its enlightenment in the mind, but you cannot imprison truth in formulas, codes, creeds, or intellectual patterns of human conduct.” [UB 1949:04]

Thought Adjuster: “Life frequently presents you with unprecedented scenarios for which you have to figure out the solution—a solution in alignment with the healthy development of your soul.  Those are moments when you feel initially at a loss to figure out what should be your next move.

You feel like you are spiritually—and at times emotionally—blindfolded and at high risk of making poor and uninformed decisions, as the answer to your predicament is not readily accessible in your personal database.

You are unique; you are called daily to make a multitude of personal decisions, each of them shaping your destiny.  No wonder that you may feel overwhelmed at times.  Yet, moment by moment, you are not alone, as I have a far-reaching vision for your life—all the way to your eternal future.  I am the lenses that help enhance your vision.  I am your night goggles, so to speak.  As well, I am the hand holding your hand whenever the grounds are treacherous.  I am your cheerleader infusing you with the can-do spirit whenever you feel discouraged.  And I am so much more—for you to discover along your ascension journey, as I am your travel companion.

Your life challenges are meant to develop your resourcefulness and to provide you with hands-on experiences that will remain engraved in you being if you are able to extract from them their everlasting values.  Indeed, it all boils down to values and meanings—and an abundance of personal truth revelations that enter your mind, heart, and soul as you walk your personal journey of discovery. This is the reason why Truth is living truth—forever revealed to you on a need-to-know basis.  At times, you may be pioneers of truth, asking questions never previously asked, as many new questions arise as humanity evolves.

Be always receptive to new expressions of truth.  This is what makes your life appealing.  Aren’t the best reading materials those that are originals and do not rehash what you already know?  The discovery of new personal truth makes you feel very alive, as you know that you are not stuck in a rut and that you have been given the personal freedom to explore, discover, and add to the mankind's legacy of truth.  Doesn’t a gold miner rejoice at any newly unearthed nugget and keeps on the outlook for the next precious one?”