Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Your world is now undergoing an unprecedented spiritual clean-up. The Forces of Light, which include the volunteer Corps of an ever-increasing number of planetary lightworkers, have installed a new spiritual grid of Light that encompasses the whole planet.

“Planet Earth has finally broken through the spiritual ceiling that heralds the coming of the long-awaited Era of Light and Life. It is a time of great hope. However, since many lives are misaligned with their God-given purpose, it is unavoidable that these individuals will go through a shake-up of sorts to facilitate their relocation on firmer spiritual grounds.

“Whenever your life is in the divine flow, you experience a profound feeling of peace and serenity. On the other hand, whenever you are swimming against the divine stream in some areas of your live—no matter how subtle—know that these seemingly overwhelming shake-ups are telltale signs that you are at the receiving end of a very close and personal divine intervention.

“Trust in the fact that it is a blessing—not a curse. Certainly, transition times are often fear-inducing due to the difficulty that human beings have in perceiving the long-range plan for their lives. Faith is the most potent antibody to fear. While fear is shortsighted, faith is its Nemesis and will fuel your soul with the necessary patience to endure unpleasant times and find your alignment with your life’s true purpose.

“The Father and His Helpers know the ins and outs of the restructuring of your world—on the inner and the outer. Such a carefully synchronized orchestration is way beyond your ability to fathom. However, know that you are lovingly cared for and that you have many reasons to be grateful for what may be taking place in your life right now.

“Do not lose heart! Instead, walk in undying faith and gratitude—as Jesus did while He partook to the human pilgrimage back to the Divine.”