Oregon, US of A
Saturday, December 2, 2017

“It would help you so much if you would learn that true wisdom embraces discretion as well as courage.”  [UB 1958:02] 

Thought Adjuster: “You are eager to hear My take on the above statement.  Indeed, it brings up some enlightening facts about True Wisdom.  A good exemplification of the above message is what happened to John the Baptist.  He publicly criticized Herod Antipas for unlawfully taking the wife of another man. This led Herod to hold a personal grudge against John that ended up in his imprisonment and decapitation.

“In handling such a delicate situation, discretion would have been preferable.  By ‘wisely’ picking his battles, John could have lived longer and been of greater service to Jesus and the Kingdom He came to herald.

“So much precious energy gets wasted by those who become obsessively zealous in addressing others ‘shortcomings.  Wouldn’t it preferable to intercede for them in prayers, as the energy of genuine prayers is ALWAYS of service to the higher good.  Rather than antagonizing those who do not solicit your well-intended input and are therefore not in a state of humble receptivity, humbly go down on your knees to lovingly campaign for their change of heart.  Join forces with your Indwelling Divine Fragment who will assuredly know where to forward your loving petitions so that they can assist in the conversion experiences of those you pray for.

Prayer is connected with cosmic love, while criticism promotes the ‘Me versus Them’ sense of separation. 

Yet, there are times when you need to courageously raise your voice—for example when you witness someone being abused.  You then become an instrument of Divine Intervention, as the Father needs your physical body to take loving action on His Behalf in your physical environment. 

The criteria to refer to when deciding whether to speak up or to hold your peace is the criteria of the Highest Good—yours included.  Are you committing a sin of omission if you do not intercede for those in need of support?  Or are you improperly meddling with others’ personal business?  True Wisdom will unfailingly lead you to the right conclusion.  Indeed, Mother Spirit’s Adjutant Spirit of Wisdom is there to counsel you in these difficult situations.”