Oregon, US of A
Saturday, June 8, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “The Christian song “There is power in the name of Jesus” came to your mind.  There are many ways to elaborate on Jesus’ power, as it applies to a great diversity of situations.  Isn’t it what a Savior does? 

“From what do you need to be rescued?  Let us ponder the topic of emotional healing.  Life on this grief-stricken planet puts all of you within reach of psychological trauma.  As you age, many unhealed scars remain etched on your emotional body. 

“Those are stigmas for which you can invoke the healing power of Christ.  He qualified Himself as an expert Therapist by swiftly and effectively laying to rest the memories of the many traumatic episodes He endured during His life in the flesh. 

“Are you grieving?  He too had to mourn the premature deaths of Joseph, His father, and Amos, His baby brother.  Are you saddened by the betrayal of a friend or close associate?  He too was heart-broken, when Judas, a trusted member of His inner circle, conspired against Him with His arch-enemies.

“Jesus was not spared from experiencing the gamut of troubling emotions.  However, He did not allow them to hold Him hostage of their hostile takeovers.  “Physician, heal thyself!” Jesus was able to perform instant emotional healing on Himself—thus earning His credentials as a Healer and being known by His cheerfulness and upbeat demeanor. 

“Ask for His guidance to release festering trapped emotions and heal your wounded soul.  He demonstrated His ability to consume painful emotions on the spot in the furnace of His Heart, and He will train you to become one of His much-needed Physician Assistants.”