Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Meet me in the here and now!  Isn’t it amazing that a connection that should be instantaneous has become so arduous to establish for many of you?  What does it tell you?

It points out that present-mindedness is the pearl of great value. In contrast, attention deficit disorder has become a widely-spread chronic condition in those who constantly dredge up the past, obsessively dread the unknowns of the future, or get easily distracted by outer interferences.

Why is it so hard to be attentive to the current events without flinching, thus taking in the unfolding scenery and quickly detecting any golden opportunity to steer your life toward a worthwhile destination?

My advice is to practice, practice, and practice some more until you succeed in taming your unruly mind.  As soon as it settles down and becomes respectfully silent, I will raise my still small voice, and you will be mesmerized by the wealth of thought-provoking data that enters your receptive mind—my thoughts establishing contact with yours.

You overcomplicate things; I simplify them.  You are puzzled by many turns of events; I know your current coordinates and will provide you with accurate directions to work your way through their intimidating maze. You deal with earthly matters; I deal with heavenly ones.  I can bring the spiritual reality of heaven down to your mind, and you can make it transpire in your world through your well-informed and well-intended actions. 

Persevere!  How else could you get to know me if you did not work hard at our relationship?  Once your heart gets fully involved, you will experience many breakthroughs, as I will help you bridge the mind-heart gap, thus unifying your thinking and doing through the element of intelligent love-in-action.”