Oregon, US of A
Monday, January 21, 2019


Thought Adjuster: “Much is being expressed to the Father in prayers.  There are prayers of despair, prayers of hope and wishful thinking, prayers of gratitude, and prayers of pure worship.  Genuine prayer is not a one-way street but a spiritual roundabout, colored with the undertones of Love in Action.

“In your times of need, anguish, and grief, it may seem that assistance is not forthcoming soon enough and that your urgent calls for help fall on deaf ears, thus adding to your misery. Your prayers are SOS (or SMS—Save My Soul) emergency broadcasts to the Omnipotent One. 

“At times, you need to realize that no answer is an answer in and by itself.  In His Wisdom, the Father does not rush the process if it were to be detrimental to your highest good.   A silent pause provides you with a valuable opportunity for reflection and introspection that you would overlook if the solution fell promptly and effortlessly into your lap.  

“Reflect on life’s crises when you felt utterly alone and abandoned by all—moments when the Father used ‘snail mail’ rather than ‘express mail’ to come to your rescue.  What did the delays teach you?  In many cases, they prompted you to be resourceful and to come to rely on yourself—rather than others.  “God helps those who help themselves.”  Nothing less should be expected from a wise parent, as educators teach their pupils to stand on their own feet, as they may not always be at their beck and call after leaving the natal nest.

“The fact that the Father does not ‘ignore’ your petitions.  He may give you ample time to figure things out, as hardships act as a petri dish for deeper introspection or life-saving ‘shock therapy’ that shake you out of your unproductive complacency.  All prayers get answered.  Why not express gratitude right now for their positive outcome?  It will help you remain upbeat, hopeful, and appreciative—the best operative platform for your life.”​