Oregon,US of A
Friday, April 3, 2015

"The evolving soul is not made divine by what it does, but by what it strives to do."  UB 557:08

Christ Michael:  “Dear one, have you ever seen a flock of children running after a loved one?  Children unconsciously detect the higher vibrations of an individual and are drawn to want to spend time in his/her presence.  This is why they enjoyed spending time with Me and I so much enjoyed their vivifying presence.  Just like your little dog, in her total innocence and surrender, brings joy to your life, my children do bring Me immense joy.  The more children express their desire to be with Me, the more thrilled I become as it is my utmost desire and vision to see all my children gathered at my feet  to spend quality and informal time with Me. 

“Do not doubt that I am right here with you, at this very moment.  Close your eyes and breathe My presence into your inner sanctum.  Can you fill the peace which is moving into your being?  This is how you can access to that “Peace that surpasses all understanding”.  It is a real substance, a very special energy that you can call upon when your soul needs to find calm and peace in order to make informed decisions.   My Spirit of Truth works in this state of peace.  This is the reason why, when you make a decision after asking for divine guidance, you will come to a state of peace which will replace the agitation you felt before making the decision. 

“Again, peace should always be your destination.  Love, peace and gratitude form their own trinity and mutually empower one another.  They are the perfect recipe for success. 

“Cultivate your inner peace so that it can truly emanate from your being and appease those you come in contact with.  Peace is also very connected with Trust and Faith as it dispels worries and anxieties.  You truly can pick and choose your state of mind.  This is your God given prerogative and power.”