Oregon, US of A
Sunday, January 6, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Peace is the forerunner of Love and Light, as Love cannot be fully experienced if it does not occur in the background of illuminated peace.  Peace is the comfort zone that is needed for Love to thrive.  How else could it be?

“Just as, in order to prosper, a seedling needs to be planted in fertile soil and benefit from adequate sun exposure, so does your soul-seed, conceived to become a beautiful expression of Love.  Peaceful emotional climate and serene surroundings are the prerequisites for unhindered soul growth. 

“Surely, the seedling will be subjected to some climatic upheavals, but they are orchestrated by ‘tough love’ to promote its steadfastness and resilience.  This is how you need to view the storms of your life.  They too shall pass or no longer be viewed as threats, once you have developed a deep root system in the Divine.

“Foster peace in all that you think, feel, or do.  This will allow you to fully live in the ‘now’ moment—where I AM.”