Oregon, US of A
Monday, February 11, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “The above topic is well worth pondering, as there is a wide spectrum of nuances between what may appear similar at the surface.

“Passion originates in the heart while obsession is a compulsive mental disorder that may result in taking some casualties.  While passion is selfless and supports life, obsession is self-centered and often leads to destructive behaviors—to the self and the object of the obsession.

“Do not be fooled by your obsessions but be driven by your passions!  Take frequent internal surveys to know where you stand both mentally and emotionally.  The divinely assigned objective of each human life is to bring forth the fruits of Spirit—yielded by the heart, as Spirit is Pure Love—but only achieved with the full cooperation of your mind, as Spirit is Intelligence as well.

“Our God is passion-driven, and all His creative undertakings are Love in Action.  Is it the case for your actions or are you displaying unhealthy obsessive behaviors that you misinterpret as love? 

“Much inner freedom results from following your passions—acting upon the intelligent prompts of your heart.  It is paired with a sense of joyful fulfillment.  On the other hand, your obsessions take you hostage.  You develop a one-track mind, and your thinking is stuck in an unhealthy groove, looping endlessly, making you miserable, and driving you ‘mad’—figuratively and literally at times.

“Dear ones, find your true loves and let go of your infatuations.  It will considerably brighten up the emotional palette of your day-to-day living, leading you to express spontaneous gratitude to the Father for the uplifting thrills that you experience when living ‘passionately’—like He does.”