Oregon, US of A
Saturday, September 7, 2019

“…the evidence to all the world that you have been born of the spirit is that you sincerely love one another.” [UB 1601:04]

Teacher Uteah: “On your world, many are those who proudly claim having been reborn of the Spirit. The question to be asked to establish with certitude that that demarcation line has been ‘spiritually’ crossed by them is, “Do you sincerely love one another?” 

“How did Jesus love? He included everyone in the outreach of His wide-open heart. He did not discriminately only bestow His love on those who liked Him. His love knew no frontiers. He loved His foes, as much as He loved His friends, and purposefully devoted more of His energies to win them over, thus giving them access to eternal life.

“Who among you love their enemies with such touching devotion? Such love is made possible by the power of instant forgiveness. The surest way to reach such a state of magnanimity is to get to know your enemies in their humanity, as well as their budding divinity.

“Isn’t it a fact that the Father blesses each one of you with a unique and shining facet of His awesome personality? Not all are aware of it, and, in their current state of ignorance, they view others as competitors and threats. It is the reason why the human Jesus, who well knew of the many extenuating circumstances in each human life, always interceded on their behalf: “Father, forgive them, as they do not know what they are doing.”  

“Jesus was mocked, defamed, slapped, spit on, flogged, nailed on a cross and, yet, NEVER did He allow these hateful behaviors to spoil in any way the unconditional and irrepressible love He felt for all—the love of parents who patiently wait for the awakening of their prodigal children from their spiritual slumber.

“Dear ones, it could be one of the most significant clues that Jesus shared with you during His human incarnation. Forgiveness is your birth canal into a legitimate spiritual life. How could it be otherwise?

“From this enlightened perspective, view each relational challenge as a golden opportunity to claim your spiritual birthright. Not only will it mightily transform you on the inner, but it will also exemplify to others what it truly means to be born of the Spirit. Jesus is no longer visible in human form, but YOU ARE.”