Oregon, US of A
Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Hate is the shadow of fear; revenge the mask of cowardice.”  [UB Paper 145:3.4]

Thought Adjuster: “The conciseness of the above statement is thought-provoking and humankind would greatly benefit from contemplating it in depth.  None of you is immune to fear, and fear is a great culprit in generating more chaos in human lives. 

“You have been conceived to become channels of Love—not hatemongers.  How did things go so wrong and how can they be rectified?  The first step is to objectively look at the current circumstances in your world, as well as to draw lessons from its turbulent past history. 

“Fear and hate are accomplices.  They both sport ‘blinders’ that block the guiding lights of reason, objectivity, and wisdom.  As well, anger is their partner-in-crime.  It too wears a blindfold.  Sadly, their association makes them temporarily sustainable, as they cannibalize each other. 

“Frequently, fear arises from having been seriously hurt.  You have the saying “once bitten, twice shy”.  Fear tends to make you paranoid and leads you to project ill-intentions on the part of others where there may be none.  You see them as potential enemies rather than potential allies.

“Whenever ‘hurt-filled’ situations are not healed, their emotional pain keeps stabbing you in the heart, which stirs up anger in you and a desire to ‘get even’—to give the perpetrator a taste of his own bitter medicine.  Thus doing, all of you remain stuck on this hamster wheel that went berserk a long time ago and that fuels destructive emotions leading to destructive behaviors.

“Dear ones, do come to realize that ‘revenge is indeed the mask of cowardice’.  Rather than courageously facing your fears, you devise sneaky and violent ways to take out your adversaries—no fair play there. 

“Many of you are held hostage by their out-of-control desire for revenge, living more chaos and heartbreaks in their wake.  Your Master Jesus came to show you the ‘right way’ to deal with a such deeply engrained chain of emotional reactions.  He was always addressing his fears head-on, subjugating them as they came up with the unyielding faith and trust He had in the Plan of His Heavenly Father.  Moreover, He self-forgetfully blessed the perpetrators of evil deeds, rather than cursing them and wishing for them ‘to go to hell.’  His wish was for each one of them ‘to make it to Heaven’, no soul left behind.  Revenge was never part of His modus operandi.  Forgiveness was, boosting His immunity against grudges and resentment.  Such is the recipe for a successful life in alignment with its Divine Matrix.”