Oregon, US of A
Saturday, December 16, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Knowing that God is All-Loving and All-Compassionate and that such heart attributes are also inherited by His Representatives—the Son and the Holy Spirit—you can rest assured that the pain and suffering of humanity are NOT ignored and overlooked as irrelevant. A loving heart is a caring heart. A caring heart does its best to remedy any state of suffering.  It is NEVER indifferent.

Many on your world feel estranged from the Father in Heaven and, perceiving only the disturbing planetary side-effects of the Lucifer Rebellion, they sink into spiritual depression and/or come to the wrongful conclusion that the Father in Heaven is aloof and out-of-touch with their dire human predicaments.

It is an erroneous perception of the Heavenly Reality and Its All-Pervading and Omniscient Consciousness.  Planetary progress is an evolutionary process, just as the healing of an ailment happens over time for the most part. Indeed, it takes time to restore to a pristine condition what has been subjected to the wear and tear of millenniums of dysfunction and imbalance.

The same goes for your personal growth.  You are aware of your weak or ailing areas and yet, you know that you cannot get ‘fixed’ overnight, as you lack in your current awareness many of the effective tools to do so.   Yet, by ‘wanting’ to get well, you set a powerful intention that has magnetic powers and will draw to your person events, circumstances or individuals that become part of your solution.

Replace any doubt in your heart by the faith in better days.  You are on your way to Paradise.  The very fact that it is your spiritual destination should lift your spirit.  The Father does not make empty promises.  Trust in His Word and you will live a life filled with meanings and positive upgrades.”