Oregon, US of A
Sunday, June 28, 2015

Teacher: “Dear Child, the laws of gravity and their constant pull and influence in the universe are from an invisible quality and yet are manifested in what gravitates in your own circle of influence.  What do we mean by that?  It is often said that misery loves company and that likes attire likes.  It is a fact that, on the vibratory level, each emotional vibration feels drawn to or draws itself to similar vibrations if one is not aware of that phenomenon.  Each creature is gravitational which means that each creature can be a pole of attraction.  Yet, wisdom and discernment have to be activated in that process; if it is allowed to take place unnoticed, many unwanted influences can add to the lower vibrations already emanating from your being. 

“Depressed individuals have to cut any emotional chords drawing them to other individuals who are looking at their half-full glass, thus emptying that glass more and more, draining it from any remaining positive content.

“The Law of Attraction can also work to your benefit.  As you recognize the lower and uncomfortable emotions of your being, you can knowingly and consciously decide to elevate them and transmute them into higher and feel better ones.

“Gratitude is the shortcut and the magician in that process.  Its magic wand reveals to the beholder all the blessings freely contained in his/her life.  Whenever you come to realize how blessed you are, Gratitude starts soaring in your heart leaving no place for self-pity and depression.

“Be also aware that you are influential in others’ lives.  Which kind of influence do you want to exert at the conscious level?  Do you want to contaminate others with your dark thoughts and feelings or do you want to extirpate them out of their own muck and unhappy thinking? 

“Once you become aware of your power of influence, you can truly put it to the use of the highest good and thus paint yourself and your direct surroundings with happy colors which will resonate in other hearts.  This is how the world will get its much needed makeover, one person at a time reforming and remodeling his/her living quarters so to speak.

“As you allow more and more vibrancy into your life, you also become more and more attractive to others and they will come to the point where they too will want to live a happy colored life and use these happy colors to draw attention to the Truth, Beauty and Goodness contained in life and thus reveal them on the background contrasting colors of depression and hopelessness.  Who would not desire such a powerful transformation in their life?  Keep modeling it and create a spring emotional fashion."