Oregon, US of A
Sunday, August 5, 2018


"If the faith of the Most High has entered your heart, then shall you abide free from fear throughout all the days of your life.”  [ UB 1443:05]

Thought Adjuster: “What an amazing promise is contained in the above statement!  Indeed, the knowledge that a ‘fear-free’ life is within your reach is quite a motivator!  Yet, as you well know, it is not an easy process, as it appears that fear throws a larger-than-life shadow.

“Yet, if you stop and think, shadows are unreal projections.  How do you switch off your inner shadow projector?  Faith is the answer.  Faith is your lifeline to the Divine.  Faith acts as the machete with which you cut through the jungle of fears and anxieties to bravely work your way toward more open grounds that are promoting the blooming of your personality and the expansion of your character. 

“Faith is the effective fear deterrent that guided Jesus’s life and the life of brave men and women who lent a deaf ear to the sneaky whispers of their fears, overrode them, and never looked back. By honing your faith, you are disowning your fears.  You are stripping them of their phony self-importance—reading their poker faces and calling their bluff. 

"Faith is not of the type “fake it until you make it”.  You can summon it by “feeling it”, thus unleashing its constructive and motivational powers.  This is the reason why it has to be ‘heart-felt’—not merely ‘mind-felt’, as the creative process has been conceived to be ‘heart-istic’.  How so? 

“Human beings are emotional beings.  Individuals may have a vastly different perception of the same reality.  Someone besieged by anguish and worries will not be able to take in the beauty of the moment—no matter how breathtaking—as his attention is turned toward an unpleasant inner reality.  If he is able to free his mind from such a pull and be present-minded, rather than absent-minded, his experience will shift instantly and his heart will be touched by the beauty he finally comes to witness.

“Dear ones, “the faith of the Most High” is there to tear down the ugly curtain of fears, as He will assuredly keep His promises in better days and a bright eternal future.  Be faithful and you will become joyful.  Isn’t it far better than being fearful and downtrodden?”