Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the process of Will Attunement.  Jesus constantly prayed to His Heavenly Father: “Your Will be done!”  As well, He encouraged you to add a disclaimer to your own will: “Father, it is my will to do Your Will.”  As a human being, He too had to figure out what was the Divine Will for His life.  Just as you do, He had to make life’s decisions involving multiple choices.  He weighed the pros and the cons by exploring the overall impact that each potential decision would have, based on the application of the Golden Rule—always including the welfare of others in His personal decisions. 

“Most frequently, the Divine Will turns out to be the most difficult path—the one with most love.  By surrendering your will to the Father’s Will, it will be mightily amplified by His Godspeed, so to speak.  If your will is in alignment with the Divine Vision for your life and for the world you live in, the Father will fully support you in its manifestation.  After setting in place the caveat to align your will with His Will, you can then safely say: “My will be done!”.  This is the moment when the Greater Will comes to the fore—all inclusive.

“Dear ones, do not take impulsive decisions. They are often the ones you come to regret, as they may be driven by the short-sighted electro-chemical prompts of your small self.  Rather, take the time to go within and consult with Me about the wisdom of your choices or the lack thereof.  Be patient, as time may be needed for My Input to be identified and assimilated. 

Usually, the right decision—the one in alignment with the Divine Plan—will bring you a sense of deep relief from the anguish you previously felt.  When My leadings are followed, you are on track and this brings forth positive results, as you are not in a state of inner resistance.  You are in the flow and I can easily fill your spiritual sails with My Spirit, thus adding exponentially to your willpower.  No longer do we experience a battle of the wills.  Rather, it becomes a powerful collaborative process where our wills are synchronized.  Our will be done!”