Oregon, US of A
Sunday, October 18, 2020

Opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Thought Adjuster: “Do you change of opinions as of shirts, driven by fluctuating emotional impulses, or do you form them by doing your due diligence through honest fact findings? 

In your world, many take a strong stand for the wrong reasons.  They may be too complacent to conduct thorough independent research; their entrenched biases may prevent them from considering all the known facts. They may eagerly espouse concurring opinions without applying themselves to clarify the grey areas of their understanding, conveniently leaving out crucial rebuttal elements.

The divine mindset exudes the vibrant hues of truth, beauty, and goodness—your soul’s natural habitat. It will never trick you into allegiance through a clever presentation of random circumstantial evidence.

Jesus reached the right conclusions by educating himself on the matters at hand.  He turned to credible sources—never relying on hearsay. Whenever inaccessible, he went straight to THE Source—his indwelling divine presence—in a humble mode of silent receptivity after articulating what was puzzling him.

Because the truth is alive, its perception requires flexibility of mind.  Shouldn’t you celebrate it instead of resenting it—the telltale sign of an uncooperating ego? To admit to the possibility of being wrong constitutes a great leap toward your liberation by the innate power of truth.  It will spare you wandering through the confusing mazes of lies and deceptions that cause you great anguish. Shouldn’t you wish that for yourself?”